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The difference between the X6 and X7 lens shapes is in the curve. Pilla offers a great lens for every face type!

The Pilla X6 is a flatter curve, best suited for those with larger faces.

The Pilla X7 is a higher wrap shape that has a narrower design, best suited for those with a medium to small face shape or an adult looking for a higher wrap design.

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Johnathan Hannahoe shooting with Krieghoff and Pilla.

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We specialize in Pilla lenses and Pilla frames along with Krieghoff parts and accessories because we believe in only offering the best products for the shooting enthusiast!


In the late 1950’s Krieghoff began to design and build for the competition shotgun market. With a keen sense for innovation, they saw the design possibilities that lie ahead and set out to design the Krieghoff Model 32, also called the K-32, for the clay target market.