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Infused with Spectral Pigment Accelerators – THE NEW ZEISS PILLA “SPA” LENS TECH


The success of our High Contrast “CIHC” lens family has been one of our top performing spectral color enhancers. We have taken many of our athlete’s requests to find a solution with a transmittance target between the two top filters (15CIHC – 47CIHC (31CIHP)) the resulting transmittance value at 31% with a modified filter curve.

The CIHC filtration science has been one of our most successful over the past 10 years. The CIHC platform is a very intense color enhancer with a heightened amount of contrast in the lens to produce more detail in the target and the entire sight picture. The CIHC spectral curve design development began back in 2010 and we have had 6 modifications of this science in medium light over the years with the latest being the 47CIHC. In 2023, we introduced a direct sun version of the lens in our 15CIHC which has become one of our top 10 lens filters. This new 31CIHC which we are calling our Passion Fruit lens is a new lens placed in the 30% transmittance range. The filter has been redesigned for a lighting condition that most shooters find where the sun is bright but not a direct in the face situation. When light is bright and the ambient conditions are interrupted by white puffy clouds, the eye looks for a calming lens with accelerated color but balanced. This high contrast lens benefits from more robust pigments using our new Spectral Pigment Accelerating technology to intensify color and leaves the eye with super crisp definition. The color profile of this lens incorporates purple, red and pink. This combination makes the passion fruit lens a perfect solution for those shooters that enjoy the 47CIHC and 15CIHC with a lens that fills a void in the transmittance scale at 31% - direct mid-way between the two lenses.

The lens has our proprietary 7-Layer anti-reflective applied to reduce light dispersion to near zero.

New nose saddle. 

The new ICE technology from Pilla delivers lenses from Zeiss that benefit from cutting edge engineering of coating science. A multi-layer coating application that improves a significant number of technical must haves in producing the best lenses available for the athlete. The lenses benefit from principals that deploy the best of Hydrophobics and a proprietary Hydrophilic technology on the backside of the lens. The ICE nomenclature delivers a technology that makes the lens surfaces very slippery- Hence the name “ICE”… this solution does not allow water to properly adhere to the lens surface. This slippery performance reduces fogging on the backside while also making the lens extremely easy to clean repelling oils and water. Pilla ICE coatings also feature color enhancing abilities to amplify infused color pigments in the lens making the color filters more robust. The exclusive and proprietary spectral enhancements in each formulation are tuned to a specific wavelength. A turbo charging effect of our IR based platform making color extremely vivid and also allows for a level of specificity in color targets. We can pin point color lift (like our CMX or HC lenses science) and color fade for example in our neutralizing lens science. This composite of these technical coating solutions accelerates color lifting performance, reduces fogging, while making the lens very easy to clean. In additional to these coating solutions on all 2023 ICE Lenses, Pilla applies the highest performance Anti-Reflective to minimize any distortion created by reflecting light and splintering of light on the lens surfaces.

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