Pilla CCGR Citrine - CGR Glare Reduction Lens

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Pilla CCGR Citrine - CGR Glare Reduction Lens

CCGR” 50% Light Transmission (Unique green neutralizer High Cotrast Lens)

The Pilla Citrine lens is a new lens color profile where Pilla has blended both a neutralization and light enhancement lens profile in the same lens. This lens color profile performs similarly to our neutralizing lens without shifting the sight picture profile to a purple/red shade. The Citrine lens minimizes a green backdrop but also raises the light profile of the lens making the overall sight picture brighter. This is a very special lens and a new technical achievement for Pilla for use in all situations where a medium lighting condition is experienced.

Most of Pilla's lenses have the Chromashift technology integrated into the lens and paired with other filtrations sciences. Chromashift is a lens technology where we manipulate the visual representation of color to produce a more intense color profile and "Shift" the actual color of the intended target. This is a technology that uses special color dyes to produce faster registration of specific bands of color. Furthermore, Chromashift has the ability to change the way the eye sees color. The basic technical benefit is the manipulation of color for positive visual registration, allowing athletes to enjoy a very specific technical benefit of color shift for a competitive advantage.