Pilla PCGR Pink Diamond - CGR Glare Reduction Lens

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Pilla PCGR Pink Diamond - CGR Glare Reduction Lens

PCGR 30% Light Transmission (Similar to reds in 52CHC & 60CHCW)

Over the years Pilla has found that all shooters enjoy a balanced lens that provides a color lift to orange and pink targets in a manner that is not “overdone” but a reserved approach. On a scale of 1 to 10 in color lift, this approach is a “5” where our max lenses provide a “10”. The beauty of the Pink Diamond lens is the lift in color but it is soothing on the eye with unmatched glare reduction that produces razor sharp definition. This lens is a great lens for open fields, general backgrounds, and desert use. 

Most of Pilla's lenses have the Chromashift technology integrated into the lens and paired with other filtrations sciences. Chromashift is a lens technology where we manipulate the visual representation of color to produce a more intense color profile and "Shift" the actual color of the intended target. This is a technology that uses special color dyes to produce faster registration of specific bands of color. Furthermore, Chromashift has the ability to change the way the eye sees color. The basic technical benefit is the manipulation of color for positive visual registration, allowing athletes to enjoy a very specific technical benefit of color shift for a competitive advantage.