Pilla Zeiss VX CPM Max Color Booster Progressive Lens

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Pilla Zeiss VX CPM Max Color Booster Progressive Lens

With the success of our CMX technology in our solid filter lenses. We have taken the color lifting profile for the solid filter and enhanced the science in our progressive max lens. This lens has a significant boost in target orange while also reducing glare. The lens uses an enhance color enhancement spectral curve from the original profile to produce a very bright target in the sight picture.

Progressive Chromashift Max Orange is a lens tehcnology that is engineered to provide the athlete with up accelerated boost in target orange while enhancing depth of field. This technology is found in our “Max” PM lens, Plum, and Cherry progressive lens filters. This is key for clay target shooters looking for maximum registration of target Orange while benefiting from enhanced depth of field.

Most of Pilla's lenses have the Chromashift technology integrated into the lens and paired with other filtrations sciences. Chromashift is a lens technology where we manipulate the visual representation of color to produce a more intense color profile and "Shift" the actual color of the intended target. This is a technology that uses special color dyes to produce faster registration of specific bands of color. Furthermore, Chromashift has the ability to change the way the eye sees color. The basic technical benefit is the manipulation of color for positive visual registration, allowing athletes to enjoy a very specific technical benefit of color shift for a competitive advantage.