Soundgear Phantom

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The SoundGear Phantom

Introducing the world’s first custom, Bluetooth® compatible and rechargeable hearing aid and protection device.

Suppresses noise at 90 dB
30 dB of amplification
Up to 25 dB NRR
2.4 GHz technology for audio streaming
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery and custom charger
23 hours of battery life including 4 hours of streaming or 16 hours of continuous streaming!

- Apple® and Android™ Connectivity
- 4 Digital Programs: (Outdoors, Max Protect, High Frequency Boost, Mute)
- Omni-Directional Microphones
- Advanced Wind Noise Management
- Power Save (Auto On/Off)
- Adaptive Feedback Canceller
- Volume Control Wheel
- Hear Clear Wax Protection System
- Surface Nanoshield moisture and wax repellent
- Zipper Case with carabiner clip
- Removable Lanyard System
- 1 Year Worry-Free repair warranty
- 1 year warranty on fit


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